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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mon Oncle - 1958 - Dir. Tati

I have mixed feeling about Tati. I've only seen Playtime previous to this, but I feel like I have a general idea as to how he functions. First of all, he's a genius. Second of all, he's really hard to watch. Both Playtime and Mon Oncle have been some of the hardest comedies to watch. They are just so slow... and not particularly funny. But they are just SO FUCKING CHARMING. They just ooze charm. It looks SO GOOD too, which is important due to the lack of dialogue... and the dialogue that is there, it's not really important. It's just there is support the action, like the score would. The humor is pretty old-fashioned, Hulot is of relation to the Chaplin/Keaton characters, but he seems to lack the drive and the manic-ness of them. I think that ends up being a bit of a double-edged sword. The lack of goal and drive for our protagonist is probably the leading reason why the film drags as much as it does. I do love the general premise of that type of character being thrown into a manic, technology driven world. So I dunno, I feel like if you are in the mood to be charmed, looking for a very simple humor and feeling particularly patient: This movie will hit the spot. Visually incredible too. I especially like the shots of Hulot's building.

Always turn your fish on for important guests!

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