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Friday, May 20, 2011

Severance - 2006 - Dir. Smith

Severance doesn't really bite as hard as it should, or make us laugh as much as it probably should either. It's probably unfair to compare it to Shaun of the Dead so I won't do that. But apparently a lot of people do so, I guess it was at a time where British people couldn't make a violent comedy without the comparison on this side of the pond (still the case, maybe?). The movie simply doesn't do enough to break out of the horror genre, so we're left with a horror movie with an unusual amount of jokes in it. There are an appropriate amount of cringe-worthy moments and moments of tension (the bear trap stands out as a high point in that regard). It sort of falls apart by the third act but I feel like that is a pretty common problem. The movie fails to really bring anything to the table with the whole weapons manufacturing idea. It's simply a function of the story, there's a few throwaway lines here and there that might suggest that we'll go deeper but we don't. And it seems to be implied that the villains were murderous brutes anyway so... I dunno. The movie is just very ordinary. One can watch it with a minimum of effort. The story-telling is goofy, jumping from different character perspectives (we see a dream sequence of one, hallucinations of others [both to stir up interest more than anything else]). Dialogue is clever enough on the upside, I certainly wish more horror writers had Moran's ability with dialogue. It would make the genre more bearable. If anything, the acting is the only thing that stands out as a clear positive. Everyone sells their somewhat stereotyped characters well (they are pretty straight-forward horror tropes, I have no problem with this though). Particular favorite is Tim McInnery, who I just enjoyed seeing a little older after so much Black Adder.
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