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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Walk Hard - 2007 - Dir. Kasdan

I generally have fairly MILD feelings about the comedies produced by this sort of gang of gentlemen. I'm being unfair to them by lumping them in with a movie like SAY Semi Pro... because this is movie is no Semi Pro, it's much much better. There's a great deal more RESTRAINT (sort of) than in something like say... Step Brothers (which as out of hand it got, I did enjoy watching Reilly and Ferrel dick around). A friend told me that there is basically an hour of footage that they didn't use. Like there's a whole 'nother wife that we never even learn about. It seems to be the technique of dropping a whole bunch of bombs, finding the ones that hit, and edited them into a movie (HRMM). The end result DOES look like a movie that was tons of fun to make, and its a lot of fun to watch too. I can't think of anyone in the cast who rubbed me the wrong way, only those who shined. Reily, of course, Meadows has entertained me in a way I haven't been entertained in a while, Fischer seems terrible gleeful in her role. Although, my favorite part would have to be Paul Rudd's John Lennon and Jason Schwartzmann's Ringo. The Beatle impersonations are horrible. They're just SO BAD.

Tim Meadows is totally PSYCHED to be having his picture taken

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