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Friday, July 31, 2009

Shadows - 1959 - Dir. Cassavetes

I suppose this is sort of my first traditional Cassavetes picture, handily enough it was also HIS first picture. Although there was a previous version, apparently this is what people think of when they think Shadows. I did really enjoy this, not as much as Chinese Bookie but I still found this incredibly engrossing. Especially since this isn't a movie that I feel like I would normally be all about, you know, what with all the drama and feelings and all ;). When Lelia lies in bed with Tony I just found that pretty fucking heart breaking. I feel the way Cassavetes depictes emotion on screen is sort of a bullet train into my heart. Like I really believe his characters, I suppose because we spend so much time seeing them bumble and mumble and do things that in some ways are fairly pointless. I feel like we get a very complete picture of who these people are through that. Also, I have to admit that being that the movie was about the beat culture, I was a sucker for it from the start. Oh man! And Ben Carruthers is awfully good at sulking

You can't tell but that guy back there is like the Ethan Embry of the 1950's

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