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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wall Street - 1987 - Dir. Stone

All right, I guess I was expecting this movie to be a little more heady than it really was. Or serious. I dunno. I guess I wasn't expecting all the... stupidity. Or to be nearly so formulaic. It was very Shakespearean (I think I'm thinking of Henry IV) in a really 80's way. I guess, I thought Oliver Stone would really get all into Wall Street culture of the time and it did a little bit and kind of bust out of the mold. But it was... it was exactly what it should have been and moved along exactly how it should have. It didn't feel terribly daring. I suppose its most daring move was giving Michael Douglas the chance to explain himself so many times. It's like The Dark Knight a little bit. The Joker has SO much time to make his argument. And it's a more interesting argument. And Heath Ledger/Michael Douglas are WAY more convincing than their sourpuss counter parts Bale/Sheen. Although, in Charlie Sheen's defense. He does a pretty good job playing uhh... his character. Especially when he's a doofy young kid. He's really wooden and it feels right. Like a guy who jut doesn't really know what he's doing. Which makes it all the more frickin' ridiculous when he's running around with his doofy sunglasses being a douchebag you know is gonna get fucked over and then do some fucking over by the end. There: That's Wall Street.

Hey, that's what I wear when I want to intimidate too!

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