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Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Limey - 1999 - Dir. Soderbergh

I was really surprised by The Limey. I generally don't think very much Soderbergh but the movie got off to a BIG START with a lot of really disjointed editing. Disjointed in perhaps the best way possible. Editing together reaction shots from past or future scenes. Screwing with the chronology of conversations. Ambient sounds moved into different scenes. All to a really great effect! I'm not exactly sure even how to describe it. It certainly won me over pretty quickly. The movie also has a lot of interesting references to the 60's and counter-culture. The whole third act takes place in Big Sur, which is very well perhaps one of my more favorite places that comes to mind. The two stars, Terrence Stamp and Peter, Fonda are representative figures of English and American 60's counter culture, butt heads but, of course, are all too alike. Leaving us with a nicely poignant climax. An appropriate mix of quirk and machismo round out what I found to be a surprisingly smart gangster/revenge film. ALSO: For Terrence Stamp's flash backs, Soderbergh used footage of an early film he was in. Which I thought was just incredible!


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