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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Enchanted - 2007 - Dir. Lima

Now, I'm not saying I liked Enchanted. I'm just saying... well... I sat through it. It was sit through-able. No... No, I admit I wasn't sober. God knows, I probably wouldn't have watched it otherwise. I could've talked through it. Sure some jests here and there but No. I watched this movie. I could tell you all kinds of things about it. First off, its supports my theory of Patrick Dempsey as the perfect actor to portray a character who is going to steal a Prince's wife... otherwise known as a Princess. 100% of the movies I've seen Patrick Dempsey in, he is performing this action. No, I haven't seen Grey's Anatomy. And don't try and I make me. I won't do it. BUT WAIT, the big deal of this movie is Amy Adams. You know, she's a good kid. A good 35-year-old kid. Yeah, yeah, She was adorable. I know it. She was real funny too. And you know, strangely enough, I'll get behind plots that are all about people being less cynical douches. The movie does certainly wear itself thin though. Susan Sarandon was barely in the movie... and I would have liked for her to be in less of it. No offense to Sue or anything, I dunno. I just wasn't really all about the plot, I think. Whenever Adams and Dr. McDreamy were together, I was diggin' on the movie. But you throw me Vaguely Recognizable Chubby Man and INTENSELY OBNOXIOUS CHIPMUNK, I'll pass please. No doubt that I was begging for the movie to have ended about half-way through. But hey... that happens doesn't it. The movie made me laugh a few times, and I rarely felt the urge to spit up all my bile in anger of how mind numbingly stupid the movie was being. Normally, with movies like this, I just get so mad, I pass out. Enchanted was not one of those movies.

Hey look! My favorite part of the movie and my least favorite part of the movie in one shot. CAN YOU GUESS WHICH IS WHICH!?

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