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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Terminator - 1984 - Dir. Cameron

All right, so I sorta have seen this movie. I had chunks of it. Mostly the end... I dunno, I guess I saw it when I was a kid on TNT or something (LIKE RANSOM!). It was a Netflix Play It Now option and I was just "HEY! Why not?" I never really felt like I had the Terminator experience. Also I was told Michael Biehn had glowing pants. HE DID NOT! At least, I didn't see any. It's a little strange to talk about the movie because its so engrained into my cultural sense. I mean, you just KNOW the Terminator will be back to drive his truck through the wall. It's just a thing to do, you know! I had forgotten about the sweet 80's era special effects: STAN WINSTON! Back when a fake looking rubber face was just as good as a real one. You know, the thing about 80's special effects was that it sort of allowed us to open up and explore the human body in a fantastic way. What with Arnold dicking around with his inner mechanics in the most casual of ways. I do enjoy a nice deconstruction of a person and NOTHING is more terrifying than Arnold without eyebrows! I also kind of like the "It Made Itself" reasoning in the film. John Conner is Reese's pop. I had remembered that detail but I watched the film, it dawned on me that I was watching the origin of the conflict as well as the climax. Reese's and the Terminator's trip to the past planted the seeds for the conflict that would send them back to the PAST! At first, I was so mad at that reasoning and then I started remembering that time wasn't linear and then tried to figure out TIME. And then I remembered I was watching Terminator and ALL WAS RIGHT. Also, I was very happy to see Lance Hendrickson.

Evenin' ladies and gentleman! How's everybody doin' tonight?

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