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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Role Models - 2008 - Dir. Wain

Drunkenly, I maneuvered my way through the Internet at 2:00 in the morning, having decided Paul Rudd was pretty charming, I put forth ALL OF MY EFFORT into viewing Role Models. I suppose those are the kind of decisions one makes at 2 in the morning. I dunno, Paul Rudd seems kind of charming. He's real good at straddling the line between dick and funny guy. Which I suppose is key in this kind of movie. I've been a big fan of Stella recently, so I think I was more interested in seeing what David Wain had to offer. I've only seen large chunks of Wet Hot American Summer, but never really sat through the thing. He seems like a capable director. The LAIRE sequences were silly/action packed enough. He seemed to restrain himself from bouts of unbridled silliness that I was sort of expecting from him and just very capably directed the movie. I guess, I was more surprised by how little the movie annoyed me. I always feel like I trudge through movies like this, usually for a bright shining star LIKE PAUL RUDD to take me through it safely. But EVEN THE KIDS were entertaining enough to watch. Mintz-Plasse's socially awkward nerd was even someone I can get get behind, SOMETHING I WASN'T EXPECTING (I HATES NERDS!). I think I might have enjoyed Seann William Scott the most in this though. The whole movie he had his big stupid smile on his big dumb face. IT WARMS THE HEART! I dunno, I gotta kick out of the movie. I suppose that's all you can ask. OH and despite having grown tired of KISS jokes long ago, this movies pulled 'em off.

Sean and Paul doing some pretty dead-on impressions of themselves.

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