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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Schizopolis - 1996 - Dir. Soderbergh

Oh man! All right, Steven Soderbergh! You win! Don't brag about it! Lemme alone now! That doesn't mean I'm watching Erin Brockovich or something. I'll probably check out Solaris, I guess. But Schizopolis was tons more fun than I really expected it to be. I expected a kind of tongue-in-cheek movie with some giggles. But there was some really wacky stuff in the movie. There is something in the film that feels distinctly cathartic. I mean, he plays three different roles in the film. Like Soderbergh is basically onscreen for most of the movie. I mean, there's a scene of him making faces in the mirror. And I think that's pretty fucking cool. And you know, it seems perfectly appropriate that he plays this role. So it's definitely his spawn. And I dunno, I guess I didn't really mind the self-serving aspects of the film. I know the opening and end comments weren't in the original cut. They probably do help achieve a kind of tone for the film. You sort of know that the film is going to whip you around and basically do what they please. It's prone to random bits of goofiness. Generally unrestrained. It does feel a little bit like Monty Python with its meandering type plot and a love of generally unrelated sequences. People being interviewed. Foreign language overdubs. The movie is basically a big fat blender of everything. Sure it might be fairly self-serving. But hell, I loved it!

The best part of the movie!

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