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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Repo Man - 1984 - Dir. Cox

HARRY DEAN STANTON! I heard about this movie, well, I dunno. This was one of those movies that's sort of haunted me all my life. Probably because it was on TV a lot but I never really sat down a watched it, because it looked boring and because I was probably ten or something and if I was going to sit and watch Emilio Estevez act, hockey and children had better be involved. But word of Repo Man being a SUPER quirky 80's comedy kept getting back to me, and it stuck in my mind. So now, on August 4th... 2009, I've watched Repo Man. It was okay. Meh... I like Harry Dean Stanton, that man... he's an up and comer. He always has been. It's appropriately weird enough. There's aliens and conspiracies and punks and a kind of half-hearted attempt to have everything mesh coherently. The movie seems to run by its own rules, mostly. I feel like I can't critique it because of what it WANTS TO BE. It wants to be strange. And it is. That however, doesn't stop me from saying it's pretty boring about halfway through. I'm a fairly forgiving guy when it comes to random and goofy bullshit. Hell, I usually prefer it that way. But maybe it overstayed its welcome a bit, or maybe the execution just didn't work, whatever the reason I got a little tired of it all. I didn't really care because ANYTHING could happen. It was kind of like Lock,Stock without the SUPER EDITING. Guns, drugs, various groups of people all clashing for a thing (A Malibu). No one is really all that sane or intelligent. It felt like a lot of modern goofy movies like Smokin' Aces, things like that really took note from this movie. In the end, the first act had me going, all the different elements had me going, it was a strong start... just derailed by... well, what seems to be the movie's seemingly purposeful (but no less dull) derailment.


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