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Saturday, August 22, 2009

District 9 - 2009 - Dir. Blomkamp

I didn't really know what to expect with District 9. I suppose the trailer seemed interesting enough but it could have totally been a movie that blew big nuts unforgivingly. The trailer didn't really seem to have much of a plot, just a premise. Sure, Peter Jackson seems to be a guy with a reasonable head on his shoulders. I trusted his judgement in a sense. Then John kept mentioning alien weaponry. And I was sold, I'd see that fuckin' movie. I guess, the movie is a lot more fun than I really expected it to be. Not that I was expecting a somber two hours, but I guess I didn't really Aliens wearing bras or that kind of gleeful 1980's action/sci-fi movie destruction. The movie, upon hitting the climax, really does take off with the action and run. Blomkamp seemed to understand that there can be a lot of fun in inventing weapons. And it shows. There's a great amount of restraint in the film though, we really don't get a lot of action for most of the picture. Rather, the film really does take its time, letting us get integrated into the situation and watching the slow disintegration of Wilkus, played by Sharlto who was great in the film. District 9 is just completely well-made, setting out on certain goals and really knocking it out of the park. A nice balance of restraint and some nice ole time sci-fi action. Also, a great deal of the film focuses on a nice bodily deconstruction which is always a plus for me, especially with the sweet Stan Winston type special effects.

Oh man! Sharlto got a big hunk of SPOILER in his eye!

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