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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Renegade/Blueberry - 2004 - Dir. Kounen

I was interested in this movie mostly because it was a western with Hallucinogens in it. NOT THAT I ONLY WATCH MOVIES BECAUSE THEY GOT PEOPLE TRIPPIN' IN EM! I'm re-writing a western with hallucinogens in it so I thought maybe this would help me out a bit. I dunno if it did. The hallucination effects were real nice looking. And the end, even if it was pretty 2001-ish, looked pretty fucking awesome. I'm totally fine with a movie's climax just being a lot of crazy images (Speed Racer comes to mind as being one that actually fit in with the story). In general, the movie looked great. If not a little over the top epic. I mean, it INSISTED on its epic-ness. But hey, it looked good. I can't argue with it. It weres real pretty. But... I dunno. I watched it alone... and I was sorta MST-ing it as I watched it. And that's not a great sign. Sure, if I'm all messed up and hanging out with friends, I'll mock a movie... but not by myself. I think a bit of the issue was the tone. Or the acting. And maybe a bit of script too. I mean, Vincent Cassel... he's not a tough guy. He's a beautiful French man. He wasn't selling Cajun to me. And certainly not after he ended up living in America most of his life and still was pretty fucking French sounded. Oh, and I'm not really all about spoiler warnings because no one is actually reading this (OH GOD! I'M CRAZY!) but the whole realization of Blueberry having shot his love accidently, that was bullshit and a half, not only was it intensely obvious considering the way they edited it. But the movie makes attempts to convince you that Michael Madsen shot her. I know part of that is just film-making, but they crossed the line of suggestion a long time ago. AND MICHAEL MADSEN! I mean, he's supposed to be a kind of spiritual villain, in many ways, a man with strong ethical beliefs (gets mad when eddie izzard pisses on a bush in the desert) but its Michael Madsen... I dunno... he's a good actor and it was a character he's capable of blowing out of the water... but I'm not sure he knew what was going on. Although that could be pretty common since the movie is a little all over the place. It gets off on saying a lot of vague shit and having crazy visuals. But damn, it does look good. Also Colm Meany and Ernest Bourgnine AND Eddie Izzard are have some chunky roles in it. Especially Colm Meany! WHAT A DREAM BOAT!

Vincent Cassel, you know, just hanging out.

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