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Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai - 2007 - Dir. Meike

I don't remember how it got there. But this movie was on my Instant Viewing queue on Netflix. I content to leave it there and forget about it until its expiration date popped up and I was all "Damn, I might as well watch it." So I did, and MAN! That was a GOOD DECISION. This movie is GREAT! Well, this movie is RIDICULOUS! I had tons of fun watching it. It was one of those movies where I wish I had something to do with the production. I mean, at one point, Action Figures are used instead of actors. The movie is cheap. silly, and perverse. AND IT EVEN HAS A HALF BAKED MESSAGE (which did not bore me, so: okay!) The basic story is about a prostitute who gets shot in the head but manages to survive with increased intelligence, a kind of ESP, and really mixed up senses. She goes to a library, eats some books, has sex with some people, and gets tangled up in a plot to destroy the world involving a somewhat sentient clone of George W. Bush's finger (The finger is red, white, and blue). I mean, it's sexploitation, so a chunk of the movie is just softcore porn (the classiest kind of porn). But hey, during quite a few of the sex scenes they're spouting ridiculous literary, religious, metaphysical, and philosophical ideas. They ain't nothing wrong with that! I want to find more sexploitation. Hehehe...

I think that's a rubber ducky on the TV.

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