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Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie - 1972 - Dir. Buñuel

A movie I actually owned and remained unwatched except for the initial VHS copy I rented, I ran out and bought it on DVD making sure to never watch it again for whatever reason. Back in the days when dropping Forty bucks on a movie (CRITERION!!!) was more of a gesture more than a desire to actually own the movie. I dunno. I seemed to buy a bunch of movies I never bothered to watch. This was followed by a prompt refusal to purchase ANY DVDs at all. My purchases function in extremes apparently. ANYWAY, a later Buñuel film, meaning the days of eyes being sliced open and scorpions killing themselves are over, The Discreet Charm is distant and paced slowly (perhaps even politely). Letting us sink somewhat in the world of our Bourgeoisie hosts. Despite the restrained exterior, the film bursts with strangeness. The film while often remaining a respectful distance general, will close-in to inspect the world. Pulling from a purse, Fernando finds some lettuce, other vegetables, an old key to dreams, and a handgun. You know, she's a TERRORIST. Upon receiving urgent orders, soldiers take the time for their sergeant to relate an amusing dream to them. The film only gets weirder as characters begin dreaming their get-togethers. Or dreaming get-togethers FOR each other. It becomes an amusing mishmash. I must admit, though, my attention wandered as the film went on. The film manages to maintain a fairly quiet tone and goes on some pretty out there tangents, it's bound to happen this would make the film drag a little. But I suppose, when I get right down to it, it doesn't stop me from enjoying or appreciating the film.

Privileged people having a good time!? SIGN ME UP!

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