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Monday, August 3, 2009

The Shooting - 1966 - Dir. Hellman

It's a nice little western. The sound was terrible but I was watching it on my computer so that's not terrifically valid. The story follows Warren Oates and his pal... uhhh... Dim-Witted guy as they assist Millie Perkins cross a desert. Perkins' character grates the nerves a little bit. Actually Dim-Witted Guy does do. MAN! Is that guy a doof. But that's not to take away from their acting. They're both very solid. Warren Oates is his Warren Oates-y best. Taking a break from being a violent Pechinpah-ish character for a more reasonable gent. NO COMPLAINTS THERE. I believe the appeal of this movie for me, though, was Jack Nicholson, whose a psychopath following them through the desert. And you know, he's Jack Nicholson... looking all western-y. You can't really go wrong there and he doesn't disapoint. The script is rather sparse and simple, really well-constructed, and moves along nicely. All in all, its just a really solid movie. It maintains a really nice tension throughout. So despite a lack of action, shooting, and very few guns, it stays interesting. The movie doesn't stand out by any means, except for an ending that is a little goofy but on the other hand has some really cool undertones.

I'll probably look into Ride in the Wirlwind, made by the same team, at the same place, at the same time.

Nicholson is the guy in the back, you can just tell...

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