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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bubble - 2006 - Dir. Soderbergh

I dunno. I never really had much interest in this movie. When it was released, I kind of just figured Soderbergh was a big asshole. Even though, the DVD release idea I thought was pretty neat. But I dunno, after seeing the Limey, I was all "Hey! I'll check out what this guy might have up his sleeve after all!" My opinion of these kind of muted films may have changed since 2006. It was more engrossing than I originally expected. And honestly, I'm a little respectful of Soderbergh... he does seem to switch off between low budget indies and big dumb hollywoodfests like the Ocean's trilogy (Man, to think its a trilogy). He seems like a busy guy, releasing a lot of films on both end. I mean, Bubbles didn't exactly blow me away. But it's a damn good movie. And considering the way he made it, pretty damn interesting. Running at a nice and sveldt 72 minutes certainly had a lot to do with my enjoyment. He tells all the right parts of the story. Leaving us satisfied and not bored. Which MUST be tough with an improvised script and "non-professional" actors. All of which definitely seem to know what Soderbergh was doing in the film. They establish a really strong sense of rhythm to carry us through the film. And you know, I like it when movies are made for cheap. I like it even better when they're made well. Bubble certainly has its mesmerizing moments. I'm torn by a few of the sequences with the acoustic underneath... but those're minor complaints at best.

Nah, this ain't creepy! Why you gotta say this is creepy?

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