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Friday, August 14, 2009

Mad Max - 1979 - Dir. Miller

I don't know much about the Mad Max series. Apart of the fairly recognizable look of Post-Apocalyptic attributed to the series, which is fairly mild I believe because of what must've been a shoestring budget. I do realize that the series kind of explodes with ridiculousness. THUNDERDOOOOMMMEEEE!!!! I must say that the first of the series was almost exactly what I would have expected from it. Maybe I was a little surprised by how brief the actual vengeance section of the film was. Apparently, it's really easy to kill Biker gangs if you just apply yourself. I was a little thrown by how Toecutter's demise was so... well, SUDDEN. I mean, he was the big bad guy, wasn't he? Although, I have to appreciate his completely ridiculous and uncalled for BUG EYES before he died. I mean... that baffled the hell out of me but gave me a nice smile. The movie chugs along fairly incoherently. There's all these strange asides in the film, like Fifi in the beginning. Is the movie suggesting that somehow he is responsible for all of this in an attempt to make Max a hero? And the film seems to have no problem having the bikers just pop up wherever convenient without any real explanation. I mean, the movie was fun. Don't get me wrong. I kept overthinking it, thinking the plot was going to get more complex. But really, it was just a Bikers VS. Guy in Post-Apocalptica Highway. If that sounds like something you're interested in. It's a movie to appreciate. I mean, Mel Gibson is in it too. And he's good. Not crazy or anything. But you know, he does acting in it.

Oh man! Remember that shot of the motorcycle in Mad Max?! AWESOME!

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