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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Elevator to the Gallows - 1958 - Dir. Malle

Malle's first feature follows the story of a murder gone wrong when the culprit finds himself stuck in a malfunctioning elevator. The premise is a little more appealing than the film ends up being, we spend little time in said elevator as we follow around two No Good Teens who have stolen the culprit's car. I couldn't help but feel slightly bothered by that rather major aspect of the plot. Maybe it was a cultural thing, but those teens seemed to be awfully random and seemed to do things for no reason whatsoever at times. This wouldn't be a problem but they are also the prime suppliers of steam the film needed. Our pair of murderers are either wandering around or stuck in an elevator. It's unfortunate because I felt sympathy for the murderers and wanted to see how they ended up, but was inconstantly side-tracked by these teens. The movie has a great feel aided by Miles Davis' sax and Moreau wandering the City by night. Perhaps this dispels some of the tension but it also embodies some of the more memorable moments. It's not a standout film by any means, impressive for Malle's first and apparently it's quite a breakthrough in terms of Moreau and Malle's relationship but I don't know nothing about that. I do like sad sax in the city though.
Elevators seem inconvenient in France.

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