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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Prince of Darkness - 1987 - Dir. Carpenter

Lemme say, I just wish I looked as cool as Victor Wong in this movie. Also, I'm glad I don't look like Jameson Parker in this movie. That man is ridiculous looking. I would consistently think I was being ironic at myself. I mean, how can anyone take that guy seriously?! He's got a mustache and really nice blonde hair! He's perfect for this movie... Anyway, Prince of Darkness is just a lot of ideas that Carpenter had and he happened to make them all into a movie. Usually, things like this end up pretty badly. Just a bunch of random bullshit thrown together in a cold, calculating manner with shitty characters and bad special effects. Lucky for me, I like Carpenter's special effects. Some nice 80's practical effects, none of that computer business. Sure, I didn't give a damn about a single character, but it managed to be entertaining. And the premise is interesting enough to keep me interested. Anytime someone throws physics in with words like Anti-God, I'll bogey with them. It's not the best Carpenter movie, it's like a mid-point between his really shitty stuff and his good stuff. And you can see Alice Cooper as a Hobo. Not everything works, but there's so much thrown at you, that you're bound to enjoy some aspect of the movie. If not... maybe you're just not a Carpenter fan (I don't blame you).

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