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Friday, February 17, 2012

For a Few Dollars More - 1965 - Dir. Leone

This is easily my favorite Spaghetti Western. EASILY. I'm trying to think of one I might like more... and I'm TOTALLY not coming up with anything. It's not perfect by any means and, in fact, kind of drags at points. I am thinking mostly about post-bank robbery. The movie kind of goofs around. But MAN, when that movie is on. It is so good. One particular sequence... the Hat shooting especially gets me. This time around, I noticed how friggin crazy the colors are. The surreal blues and reds on the town at night! AWESOME! And when you have a nutcase like El Indio running around. It only gets better. Gian Marie Volonte balances morose dude and psychopath like they were peanut butter and jelly! He's like the saddest fucking badass! Oh man! And the editing! It's so much fun! When there's that sequence of cuts of the Wanted Poster with bullet shots! That's so COOL! The film is also RIFE with Western style masculine posturing (see Hat shooting). Also, fucking Lee Van Cleef. Man. If there's anyone who could take the wind out of Eastwood's sails, it's The Cleefster. AND OH FUCKING SHIT. I almost forgot about the opening. You know... the one that doesn't seem to have anything to do with the story. And is just visually and aurally awesome. Nothing better to start your movie that the sounds of a guy hanging out. M I RITE U GUYZ!?
Disco Volonte!

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