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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ides of March - 2011 - Dir. Clooney

I remember being somewhat excited by the idea of this movie. Clooney runnin' for President. Gosling also doing something in the movie. The trailer hinted vaguely but repeatedly the usual dirty politic cliches. Despite being excited about a Clooney dirty politics movie, I was pretty sure the movie was going to be bland. Although... I don't think I expected the movie to be as bland as it was. The movie is pretty by the books despite having some neat ideas about the nature of a political campaign. The dehumanization of the candidate and projections put upon them by their campaign staff was an interesting suggestion but pretty underdeveloped so I don't imagine they cared to follow up on it. Strangely, I think I had some issues with Gosling, who I usually really like. His lack of warmth throughout the film makes it feel like we're just hitting the same note again and again. And since his character never seems like that great a dude, his "trial" in the film seems... uninteresting. And since the movie aims for a understated feel, resisting cinematically heightening events, there's a kind of reek of Unremarkableness throughout. It never gets the blood pumping, ya know? It feels like such a waste of talent considering the sweet cast they got. Everyone feels a little underused. Nah... Not feeling it.
That poster of Clooney is so goofy!

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