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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Le Doulos - 1962 - Dir. Melville

Apparently, the only time I watch French Crime films is just before they are taken off Netflix. But hey! I liked this a lot! At least, I like it the most out of all Melville films I've seen. And you know... at first, I REALLY didn't like it. I almost fell asleep twice in the first twenty minutes. It was just very slowly paced and I couldn't seem to follow what was going on. Then I guess... about halfway through, I still had no clue what anyone was trying to accomplish and I realized that it was intentional. It wasn't that the film was hard to follow, it was that facts weren't being revealed to me. I was being kept in the dark. It's done in such a neat way though! Because you're seeing all this action and exchanges taking place but the intention of the characters is never clear. I suppose the point of the movie is whether or not Belmondo is a scumbag. And the movie is good at making him seem like that (and he really is in some ways). But I guess, the movie just does a really expert job of keeping us in the dark but always making sure something we understand is going on and is being exciting. With all these kinds of movies, it can be a little overly talkie. It's noir-ish mood has an uneven success rate. But visually, it was really pretty bitching. I'm having fond memories thinking back to this one.
Oh look... It's Belmondo... And he's shot... AGAIN...

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