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Sunday, March 25, 2012

RoboCop 2 - 1990 - Dir. Kershner

I had basically written off RoboCop 2 because... well... It's RoboCop 2. There's no way it could even compete with the beloved first film. I knew what RoboCop 3 was like so I just figured it was more like that. But... you know... I had a really great time with this movie. It's... It's basically just like the first one except not as good. But REALLY... the movie take the exact same path. Same kind of conflict and villains. Similar tone. At times, it was a little surprising how closely they mirrored each other. If anything... there's less RoboCop... which is a good thing and a bad thing. It's a Bad Thing because the movie seems to get distracted by all the ridiculous/fun bullshit in it and then remembers there is supposed to be a Robotic Cop somewhere and they just toss him in. It's a Good Thing because RoboCop is a lot sillier in this one. In fact, it works best when they are making RoboCop jokes. I feel like the Sound Design had a little to do with it. RoboCop just SOUNDS less serious, less mechanical, less heavy, which makes his outfit look like plastic with a guy doing a funny walk in it. The best way I state this is like this: Kurtwood Smith's Boddicker is great... Perfect even... Tom Noonan's Cain? Sure, it's not as good. BUT HELL, let us not stick out noses up at Tom Noonan. He's pretty great too. Also there's that goofy murderous kid in it... who is such a piece of shit... I can't help but smile at that idea and how far they really run with it. OH MAN! And that Little League team... That made me laugh... It's just a silly-ass movie, you guys!
You tell that Dead Idiot who is boss, RoboCop 2!!

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