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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Across the Universe - 2007 - Dir. Taymor

I really liked Taymor's Titus back when it was released. So I think I approached thinking that I would at least get some crazy memorable visuals out of Across the Universe. Failing that, at least I could enjoy some Beatles songs. And there are certainly a whole lot of Beatles songs. I was thrown by how this movie is assembled, it's basically the 60's paced at a breakneck speed with clips or entire Beatles songs sprinkled throughout (LIKE A MUSICAL! GASP!). I really was thrown by how quickly we move through this though. We're left to just fill in the gaps with 60's stereotypes. And I don't think the film really makes an attempt to dissuade that feeling either. The film feels distinctly hollow. The ending brushes aside any problems that rise throughout the film with "All You Need is Love" which feels super cheap for a movie to pull. "Oh I have a morphine addiction but it's cool, I have Love." I suppose the music and visuals was to be the Heart of the film though. Although, I have to say apart from a handful of sequences, I wasn't exactly blown away with the "music videos." They grab the attention but I rarely felt like I was seeing something I hadn't seen before. In general that's what the movie is. It's watchable, It's like Cotton Candy the movie. If you're in the mood for cotton candy, it's great. PERFECT even. And I would recommend it in that situation. But if you're looking for a meal of any kind, look elsewhere.
Tsh... British Guys on a chilly beach.

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