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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Friday - 1995 - Dir. Gray

You know, I liked this movie way more than I thought I would. It's pretty amusing... also somewhat unassuming which I feel is what helped it. As unassuming as a man having rough poops can be. The tone walks a really fine line between Cartoonish and Natural pretty well. A bit like how Ice Cube is Tucker's straight man. The more excited Tucker gets the blander Cube becomes. It is a necessary bland though. Although, I'm not sure it was the character as much as Ice Cube's acting ability. He seems somewhat uncomfortable in front of the camera, sometimes, usually when he had to be casual. But to be completely honest, I was even pretty involved with his character by the end, which for me is rare. I just wanted Ice Cube to kick some ass like his Daddy taught him too. So he must have been doing something right/not doing that much damage. I also thought the Mother was especially good and somewhat underused. Tucker is amusing enough. He's not as bombastic as his later roles, but you know... he still does plenty of yammering. Bernie Mac pops up for an amusing scene, too. And Michael Clarke Duncan is in two shots! It's an amusing movie, I suppose better than the movies that followed it would have you believe.
Chris Tucker just saw himself in Fifth Element.

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