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Saturday, January 8, 2011

True Grit - 2010 - Dir. Coens

I was pretty doubtful of this movie after I saw the trailer. I had the sneaking suspicion that the Coen's weren't going to radically part with the original. Which, you know, it's a classic and all... I'm not the biggest fan but I don't really begrudge it much. I feel similarly about this remake. If anything, I can easily say I like the remake more. I dug the performances way more and there's a much stronger streak of humor. It's not exactly Coen Bros humor but they are certainly present in the film. It's a bit like they decided to make a straight genre movie. And they did it with as little irony as possible. They certainly do a good job, but the movie's strongest point has got to be it's cast. Everyone is great! I can think only positive things of each performance. Brolin's whiny murderer is especially memorable for me. And Bridges' accent/mumble in the film is awesome. The Coens' are basically the best WORD MAGICIANS I know. The additions from the original (perhaps from the book) are also strong... perhaps some of the strongest scenes in the film (my particular favorite is the hanged man and the bear sequence). The film mostly looked terrific. I felt a little bugged by the end, I felt similarly about the original which the Coens do stray from a little but it does nothing to improve my opinion. It feels particularly anti-climactic and they stretch it out even longer than before. A fun movie, certainly worth seeing, but not without some bothersome details.
Why is this the only picture of this god damn movie!?

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