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Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Culpepper Cattle Co. - 1972 - Dir. Richards

A 1970's western that seemed to stay under the RADAR and that fact never seemed to have changed. It's got an awesome cast of barely recognizable character actors. Geoffrey Lewis is probably the most well known name. YOU KNOW!? GEOFFREY LEWIS? And he is just fucking awesome in it. But there was a lot of "OH THAT GUY!"'s for me after viewing the movie. I was also pleased to find out Luke Askew who played one of my favorite characters plays the excellently nutty Hollis Greene in Big Love. So... I got a kick out of that at least. It's a simple story, naive boy runs off on a Rough and Tough cattle drive. It only gets rougher and tougher when the Boss hires some wacko outlaws to fill the ranks. I love a movie where a chunk of the time is spent watching "straight" people dealing with violent eccentrics. Especially when you've got such a sweet cast of weirdos. It's also an early Jerry Bruckheimer production which is interesting to watch in that context. It's the Blockbuster machine cutting his teeth, with a Jerry Goldsmith score to boot! Our Naive Cowhand through-line plays out well enough, not too sappy, not too cynical. It could have felt tired and overused but it actually makes for a pretty satisfying viewing experience. The only thorn in my side is a very strangely edited exchange with the Young Guy's Mother. Something wacky must have gone on there. A fun western, it's a shame it's not as well known!
Not a lot of screen captures but: Sweet Poster.

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