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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Syriana - 2005 - Dir. Gaghan

I had seen this movie in theaters and left feeling confused and... well basically just confused. It's pretty difficult to keep up with. As it ended for me this time around, I felt somewhat less confused. By that I mean I understood basically what had gone down for the past two hours and seven minutes. The movie is just a bitch to keep up with. It's easier to make sense of in reflection than while watching it. The script doesn't give out too many hand outs to keep the audience in the loop. I've read that it may be intentionally confusing, so we match the main characters feelings as they are embroiled in conspiracy. Some might call Pretentious which I suppose is reasonable. I don't have an issue with it though, it's a complex situation and probably shouldn't be dumbed down (although I'm sure it has been regardless). If that's the case, the movie does pull it off well. We are confused but by the end, there is a still a sense of having seen a Blockbuster thriller. I'm not sure it's exactly a standout film, it's certainly well crafted, and the acting is strong all around (GEORGE CLOONEY IN A BEARD!). I suppose it would really hit the spot if you are in the mood for a dense geopolitical type thriller with mostly talking and then some THRILLS where you may or may not understand what the fuck the deal is.
Clooney senses danger nearby...

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