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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (again!) - 1969 - Dir. Hill

Yeah... I saw it again. SO I'M GONNA WRITE ABOUT IT AGAIN! I still feel pretty mild about this movie. I think this time around, I was a bit more impressed with the conflict between Butch and Sundance. It really simmers throughout the entire film and perhaps drives the story along. I think originally, it struck me as just witty banter for spicing up the script rather than an actual disagreement of a kind. That makes the "Love Triangle" work so much better since we know that it sticks in both of their craws and they aren't saying anything about it. To some degree, I think I found the movie less interesting than I had originally though. Sometimes it really does just feel like scene after scene of mugging at the camera and I think that grows a bit tiresome after the first viewing, no matter how well integrated it is. It's still well made in all respects, but I felt a little bored this time around. And I do realize that I owe this film a bit of a debt what with it being the epitome of the witty western, but I feel like in general I could go for a bit more western. Thoughts of the final gun fight still bring a smile to my face, it's awesomely western-y. Western-y being two funny white men going down to Bolivia and killing a bunch of natives.
This doesn't look like the guy on my pasta jar...

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