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Friday, February 25, 2011

The Kids are All Right - 2010 - Dir. Cholodenko

You know, this movie tricked me! I went into it feeling like it would be just a usual mediocre indie comedy family drama with Lesbian moms. Then it was being all charming and I was laughing and enjoying myself. Then it ran out of steam. And I got bored. Then I realized I was just watching a mediocre indie comedy family drama with lesbian moms. By the end I was pissed at the movie for drawing me in early on. There's a general pointlessness the seemed to arise as the credits began to roll. "WHY?" kept popping up. Not the fun why that made me want to delve further into the film, but rather one that made me doubt the validity of what I had just seen. To be honest, I feel like the weakest points are Benning and Moore's characters, both actresses do a really good job, but they are they stick out particularly as cliches in a cast that feels made up of ACTUAL people. The two children and Mark Ruffalo's interloper are written with an awesome amount of depth but it's like someone in charge was afraid no one would recognize the two ladies to be in a relationship unless they gave them the most tired and bland relationship problems possible. And it's especially problematic because the film seems to be trying for a realistic slice of life feeling and not hit us with Hollywood type messages and themes, but the slice of life is tired with a sad attempt to spice it up. So it ends up feeling like a Hollywood mediocre-fest without the message or theme to tie it together. Thus: WHY?
Clean yerself up, Ruffalo! AND QUIT LOOKIN' SO SMUG!

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