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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Secret of Kells - 2009 - Dir. Moore/Twomey

I have a funny issue with this movie. First of all, it IS beautiful. It was definite multiple viewing potential just based on the visuals. I think my issue comes from the storytelling. It draws heavily from Irish myth (which I'm fairly uniformed of) and certainly does have a mythic feel. In fact, it feels like a myth first and a film second. It's very strangely paced. Not entirely emotionally stirring. In some ways it's kind of neat and fun that the film doesn't try and hit any of the beats that a normal film might try and hit. It gives the impression that the film is from a different time. At the same time, it's very instructive as to why we have those beats to begin with. The visuals carry the slack that comes from the story telling, though. My particularly favorite part involves Brendan's battle against Crom Cruach. It reminded me of Samurai Jack repeatedly with the line work. The film clocks in at about seventy-five minutes which is perfect for this kind of movie. I have to say though, it ends pretty anti-climatically. Maybe there's just a culture gap, but I couldn't get pumped for the ending... even though the visuals made me want to get into it. Which I suppose is the feeling I had throughout. My eyes wanted to get pumped but my brains just didn't get on board.
Screw you, Culture Mob! I wanna steal your pictures!

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