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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Social Network - 2010 - Dir. Fincher

I suppose it makes sense that something dubbed "THE FACEBOOK MOVIE" would inevitably make a big splash. Even I hesitantly began to come around to the idea when Fincher and Sorkin got on board. The dialogue has Sorkin written all over it. I think perhaps what surprised me though was how straight-forward of a movie it was. Zuckerberg wants to be popular/infamous, gets popular/infamous, then nobody likes him and the people who do are DBs. The tagline says it all. I think I was a little disappointed to that degree. I'm not sure it really hits the depth where it could go to the "Movie classic" status it's been touted as so frequently, but it's done well. Zuckerberg has all the makings of an interesting character. He's fairly conflicted, his desire to "Fuck the system" and also be liked clash repeatedly, but there's little sulking over the fact on his part. Eisenberg plays him cool and distant. The acting is probably the best part of the movie. Andrew Garfield plays a nerdy, twit extremely well and when he stands up for himself, it feels great. Armie Hammer as the Winklevosses and Minghella made for the most entertaining scenes and I was always happy to see them on screen. I could have gone for more of 'em. Also Reznor's score was excellent, creating a sense of dread even when we were just sitting around watching doofs program.

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