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Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Woman Is A Woman - 1961 - Dir. Godard

A ton of fun! Not some I feel like I say about Godard films, but this is certainly a lot of fun to watch. It features his wild editing, sudden diversions, and general goofiness without any of the long winded rants about communism or whatever the hell Godard gets so caught up with. It's more straightforward, following the relationship between these two people and Belmondo who... you know... is classy and wants to get it one with Karina, who wants to have a baby but her fella doesn't want one. Despite the relationship drama, it still has that pretty light farcical feeling, where everyone is young and full of vigor and up for anything (arguments while bike riding). The film has a lot of random music cues, which... to be honest, I don't really know why they are there. But I feel like they are excellent. It's just a comedy that you don't see a lot of. Not to be taken too seriously. It does wacky things just to do wacky things. But it doesn't feel like just because it's wacky it can't have a bit of a heart now and then. When the drama does come in, which it inevitably does since it's about young people being in love. It's still very French New Wave-y. I would say it's probably the most accurate introduction to Godard someone can get while still being entertained (for some reason I remember Breathless as being pretty straightforward, I plan on verifying this).

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