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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Champion - 2005 - Dir. Eckhardt

If a movie has Danny Trejo in it, I'll at least consider watching it no matter what the subject matter. So it didn't take much for me to throw this up on "Watch Instantly." A documentary about Danny Trejo! Excellent! Well... not so much, I suppose. I'd like to just hold the director responsible for the whole business. And that's NOT because I'm afraid Mr. Trejo will come after me. It's because Eckhardt seemed to have had a good idea and ruined it with distinctly amateurish BS. Cheap camera effects. And the choice of material used could have been a little bit better. At times, it felt groan-worthy. Trejo's life story is pretty incredible at times and actually pretty inspiring by the end. He got me a little pumped up, to be honest. I feel like we hover on the seedy stuff a little bit longer than necessary and breeze through his later life, which I feel like is somewhat of a shame. His redemption comes quickly and easily in the movie. As if making the decision to be good was all it took. I know it's nitpicking but I was really bothered by the presence of the interviewer in the doc. She always looked sort of awkward and their banter seemed uncomfortable. All in all, if you are really interested in Danny Trejo I suppose you could check it out... but it's not much of a documentary.
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