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Friday, February 18, 2011

Clockwork Orange - 1971 - Dir. Kubrick

A film I had seem plenty of times in high school and then apparently "grew out of it" (JUST LIKE ALEX IN THE NOVEL! GASP!). I suppose I just got sick of it after heaps and heaps of references. I had long forgotten about it by the time I'd seen it this time around. Despite my weariness with the film, it is still a classic. It was nice to watch again, to be surprised. And learn to appreciate it again. Malcolm McDowell is friggin' awesome in it. He carries the movie at times, especially as it goes on. He manages to make camp, self-satisfaction, and smugness incredibly watchable. Kubrick is going wild in this movie. A precursor to a million hyperviolent music video films, this one can actually justify it's content and style. Something I was never able to appreciate before, OR SOMEONE, was Michael Bates who plays the Chief Guard. I'm surprised I managed to miss such a ridiculous fucking character. By no means, is the movie perfect, it's long, first of all. Severely blunt at times. Generally whatever flaws the movie might have can be easily forgiven because it's fun as hell to watch. It's shamelessly campy, violent, and loud. Like our protagonist and his giant, murderous porcelain dick.
Don't worry, Everyone! I'm have a great time!

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