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Monday, March 21, 2011

Gamer - 2009 - Dir. Neveldine/Taylor

I think I've got to come out and say I like Neveldine/Taylor. I found a Vishnevetsky quote mentioning their "impatient genius, which is really indistinguishable from idiocy." (Thank you wikipedia). I think that sums it up somewhat. They seem to be geniuses of broad strokes. And Gamer is perhaps the best example of that. Because this movie is BROAD, if nothing else. Bad guys are bad, good guys good. Fake world is incredibly and unbelievable shitty. AND LOUD. WITH GREED GREED SEXSEXSEX. KINKY SEX. Like Crank 2. It seems a little more mean spirited than Crank 2. Actually a lot more mean spirited. Which I think detracted from my enjoyment quite a bit. Or maybe it was a bit more of a lack of charisma in the actors. Apart from Michael C. Hall and Kyra Sedwick, both of which seemed to have an idea of the tone... Hall is especially fun, but he's the fucking villain so of course he would be. But Butler... I don't think I've really seen him in anything that's really impressed me. He just looks around at stuff... and runs... and then yells sometimes. The same for his wife, who I guess was just sad looking eye candy. They are no Statham and Smart, for sure. But hey, Terry Crews is awesome. BUT HE WOULD BE, WOULDN'T HE. Anyway, it's a movie that gets me excited for what Neveldine and Taylor could do... but additionally causes me some trepidation. It's evidence that they could make movies that are really great/fun movies that are surprising and not entirely empty-headed or they could just make a lot of crabby violent bullshit that's good for a distraction.
Fuck yeah, Michael C. Hall... Fuck yeah...

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