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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Repulsion - 1965 - Dir. Polanski

Apparently, I've accidentally seen all of Polanski's APARTMENT TRILOGY with this film. I am thinking that this one might have been my favorite... It might be my favorite of all of Polanski's films... or maybe it's just the one that's most up my alley. A woman going insane in her apartment!? What's not to like? At first, I just had no friggin' clue as to what was going on. It doesn't really go out of the way to give us answers for the woman's paranoia and as the film goes on, I don't really feel like I was looking for them. So little is explicit about what's going on. In fact, almost nothing is explicit and everything is left for us to assume. I love a movie like that! Being left to my own devices. It feels like one of the most natural descents into madness I've seen on screen. Deneuve is awesome as the unassuming madwoman, managing to make staring off at nothing an artform. Although her performance is assisted greatly by the morphing nightmare apartment she occupies. It lengthens, darkens, cracks, and grows arms. All kinds of neat stuff. I just really liked the subtlety of the film and then they eventual explosion. I suppose someone who is less inclined to just enjoy a lady be crazy may find the movie slow or annoying. But as a fan of Paranoia, it worked excellently for me!
Women! Always gabbing on the phone!

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