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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Last House on the Left - 1972 - Dir. Craven

I think have a tendency to get down with these grimy 70's movies... at least, moreso than the clean fare we've got going on. I think there's a cheapness and a goofiness that's lost these days. Maybe it's just the way the 70's were, cheap and goofy. Who is to say? It was such a long time ago and anyone we could ask are long gone. Anyway... the movie is pretty straightforward, girl and friend gets abducted and terrorized by criminals, criminals by chance end up staying in girl's house, parents find out and kill criminals. I was pretty emotionally disconnected by the movie, everyone is a pretty, massive stereotype and their arcs are all pretty obvious. The movie also is supported by a goofy folksy score which undercuts what tension could be gathered up. The film is basically focused on the criminals taking advantage of the two girls. The criminals seeking shelter with the parents and the ensuing vengeance, seems like a afterthought which is a shame because I feel like that's the primary draw and contains possibilities for some really awesome scenes. Rather, we breeze through, and I'm somewhat disappointed. Especially since the movie is particularly lazy storytelling wise when it comes to anything apart from the two girls being raped and terrorized. Coincidences and bizarre, inexplicable behavior abound. The only memorable performance in the film would easily be Jeramie Rain, who was just a ton of fun to watch. She puts the others to shame with her performance. As corny 70's horror memorabilia, the movie is great and a shining example. If you're looking for genuine thrills, gore, or anything the film's plot might imply, you might want to look elsewhere. Unlike the Mother in the film, this ain't got teeth.
Caaaalm down, Lady...

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