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Monday, March 28, 2011

Last House on the Left - 2009 - Dir. Iliadis

Better than the original as far as horror is concerned. To be honest, I'm pretty surprised that people found both versions rather hard to watch content wise... the rape sequence in particular. I'm also the first to admit I'm probably desensitized. Moving on, maybe it's not better as much as it's more polished (not hard to do). It's more like a typical horror movie than the cheapo exploitative flick from the 70's. It does all the right things and functions like a well-oiled machine... so it doesn't exactly pull any tricks, which is kind of a problem when you're dealing with a horror movie. There's not a lot to grab us. I won't credit the movie with throwing any emotional depth or subtlety our way, even though it seems to be gunning for it, I can't say I really gave a damn one way or another. And any "moral implications" the movie contains are pretty paltry. It's certainly restrained which I can praise it for. It takes it's time. It's not cheap and goofy or gory for the sake of shock (mmm... maybe excluding the microwave which feels thrown in and out of place...[also super disappointing. If you're going to go out on a limb for something so ridiculous, it better live up to the premise]) It's trying to be a honest-to-goodness horror movie. At the very least, Aaron Paul certainly gets the dickens beat out of him (probably my favorite scene). :)
Jessie Pinkman! Sleezin' it up!

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