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Monday, March 7, 2011

Ponyo - 2008 - Dir. Miyazaki

I loved this movie! And I was pretty suspicious of it to begin with... well, I was suspicious of the dub. They usually piss me off a bit and I try and not make that the first version I watch. But it wasn't that bad... to be honest, I am struggling to think of any particular detraction dub-wise but it was excellent. The translation is really strong too. I suppose something like this would be easier than something like Spirited Away or Mononoke considering it was much less focused on Japanese mythology and lore. It more based in fairy tales, especially Andersen's Little Mermaid. So I guess there is something a bit more universal. But what I think was it's greatest strength was just how much fun it was. Ponyo could have been especially annoying, you know, excited little girls jabbering on about Ham endlessly. That could get old pretty fast. But I found her pretty damn charming. Sosuke worked out really well too. IN FACT, I never thought I would say it but the children felt like the best actors in the film. I'm not sure how well Tina Fey's comic tone translated to the dub and for some reason Liam Neeson sounded particularly stilted. Maybe he just couldn't really put himself in the shoes of a sea wizard who was in no way mentoring a young warrior.
I hate it when Little Me tries to get out of the Me-hole.

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