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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Get Low - 2009 - Dir. Schneider

I feel like I'm being somewhat jaded by my reaction to Get Low. Mostly my complaints revolve around it being predictable to a fault. When a chunk of your film revolves around a secret that a character is keeping, it damn well better be an interesting one. When it isn't (which it isn't)... and when it's revealed in such a schmaltzy way, and I'm not looking back on the movie saying: "Oh well, at least I enjoyed the ride"... I feel like there's a problem. If anything saves me from being really frustrated from the film was that it looks absolutely terrific and that Duvall is friggin' awesome in it. Maybe my favorite Duvall performance ever... Don't hold me to that though. You know... it's not unlikable, it's just doesn't really stand out from any number of well-made indie dramadies that have been coming out for years now. Considering both the director and screenwriter are first timers, it is a little impressive... I admit that. It does occasionally feel amateurish... I WILL ALSO ADMIT THAT. Sometimes we're jerked from scene to scene betraying any kind of mood that might be sinking in for the sake of "getting it on with." I suppose that's somewhat impossible to avoid when... you know, it's your first damn movie. It's certainly worth checking out, especially if the plot grabs you to begin with (it did for me). It won't disappoint if you know what you're in store for, it'll do it's job.
Critics feel like Duvall was overlooked by the Oscars

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