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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Virgin Spring (again!) - 1960 - Dir. Bergman

I watched this a second time in order to compare it to the "Last House on the Left" series. Considering it was still somewhat fresh in my memory, I don't think I was nearly as surprised. Obviously, the movies are pretty significantly different. Bergman's focuses obviously a lot less on the rape itself. One thing that I thought was pretty interesting was the attention on the youngest of the "Herdsmen." Easily one of my favorite monologues in all moviedom is probably spoken to the child (the bit about the smoke escaping through the roof). But the child's guilt is focused on quite a bit... I was about to compare it to the son in Last House on the Left... but I feel like the general trend is that the characters are more trivialized in the LHOTL. So I won't dwell on it. Although, I think that Last House is a pretty clever rethinking of the classic Bergman as far as transposing the basic premise to present day. It focuses more on the criminals (obviously) than on the parents I suppose than Bergman does, who really focuses on the guilt of parents, especially the father. I still think the battle between the violence of the Old Gods and the goodness of Christ is still a really interesting theme to play underneath the Christian father seeking vengeance and the ending is still PITCH PERFECT.
Max Von Sydow as Lady Macbeth

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