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Friday, April 2, 2010

Billy Jack - 1971 - Dir. Frank

I admit it. I was disappointed by Billy Jack. I wanted... I dunno. I wanted an action movie most of all. But it is not an action movie. It has some action sequences. But no. Not enough. There's also a lot of improv sequences. But that doesn't make the movie improvised. All right... bad example. But let me point out... there are A LOT of improv scenes. The movie gets a bad rap for being hypocritical what with all the violence and all, but I disagree. It spends more time with those damned hippies than with Mr. Jack, who is a tempermental jerk. Well, he CAN be cool, but I think it IS kind of neat that the movie actually seems to believe to the message it's sending. Rather than just making a shallow action flick with a peaceful message. The thing is... I would almost rather have the shallow movie. Hell, call me shallow. But the hippie business is boring and dated. And also not nearly presented as well as the films singular kung fu sequence, which actually sets the bar unfairly high for the rest of the movies... which I'll point out again, will not have anymore kung fu sequences. I realize that to some degree the movie has entered our lexicon, it deserves to. Maybe the movie is just incredibly dated... I wanted to like the movie. Maybe that was the problem all along, I wanted something I wasn't going to get. :(

If Leland Orser and Christian Bale had a kid, I'm pretty sure it would look like this.

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