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Monday, April 19, 2010

Dune - 1984 - Dir. Lynch

All right, so I sat and read Dune before watching it. Turns out that was a good idea, because this movie would have been FUCKING RETARDED without any kind of knowledge as to what was going on (see below). Instead, with an idea of all the subtleties and nuances of the Dune universe, the movie was just friggin' ridiculous (see below). It's one of those movies that shouldn't have followed the source material nearly as close. I personally think that Herbert's novel has a lot of problems (despite being a work of staggering science-fiction genius etc, etc) and Lynch's film just inherits a lot of these problems. A lot of it dealing with pacing of the story telling. It kind of reminded me that Lynch isn't much for telling stories. It's like he realized that the film would work as a framework for some CRAZY visuals and was only interested in that, the thing is, I feel like the novel is SO much of a story, it kind of needs an adept storyteller. In fact, there are some pretty impressive sights in the film, some corny special effects of course. But there's some real memorable images (see below). The cast is pretty 'yuge and I feel like because of that, no one really gets to shine. Naturally, I would love more Brad Dourif, but no dice. More Sting would have been great, too (see below). For the most part though, everyone seems pretty capable of acting within the Dune universe. I wasn't often caught feeling like someone was just sticking out... but maybe that's just because the film doesn't exactly get that engrossing. I suppose, you know, the movie can be kind of neat to watch, and there's some neat things in it. But I can't say it's very good. Oh, and I love Jack Nance.

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