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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Zombieland - 2009 - Dir. Fleischer

You know, I have to admit liking the movie more than I would have expected. I was somewhat biased against it but it was somewhat highly recommended. I have to admit though it's pretty damn entertaining. I think sometimes I was bugged by a bit of an uneven tone and a somewhat shifting reality. It's like the movie couldn't decided on its level of irony or camp. Like the Bill Murray sequence is fun and it is really an awesome cameo, but I felt sort of thrown off by it. And I don't really feel like the movie ever recovered from that for me. I feel similarly to the whole Playland sequence where the movie is clearly just setting up action set pieces. Especially the girls who basically pick out the free fall ride to escape, you know, that thing that basically traps you in the air? I dunno, you can make the argument that the movie is being silly but, I dunno, so much of it is spent explaining these rules. I guess, it felt less like the movie was being clever and more lazy and disrespectful. I can't deny the entertainment value of the movie though. They wanna make a sequel, I'll watch the sequel. It's a fun enough movie, sure, I got some nitpicky things, but I really don't believe the movie is meant to be taken as seriously as I am treating it. I feel like it could've been. I imagine everyone was capable enough to pull off a Shaun of the Dead type thing. The cast is dandy, also. That should be mentioned.
Watch out! Someone split milk!

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