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Monday, April 26, 2010

Warm Water Under Red Bridge - 2001 - Dir. Imamura

I like Koji Yakusho... A LOT. I also like Shohei Imamura... A LOT. So you know, this is a real good movie. At least, I like it... A LOT. I'd actually seen this movie before but couldn't really remember anything too specific about it. I confused it a lot with The Eel because... well, it's basically the same group of people and it's made around the same time. Despite the fact that this film had spontaneous female ejaculation. I don't know how I forgot that. And this is done by Imamura, a respected 83 year old director, so we're talking about CLASSY female ejaculation. With thematic overtones and tender approach. OH SO TENDER. Well, maybe goofy more than tender... but he's not trying to shock as much as the idea might initially sound. Well, enough about fluids- WAIT! This movie is ALL about fluids. Imamura handles the motif of water so well in this, I was jealous. It made me wanna write about movie with tons of ONE thing in it. I know that's a funny thing to say, but water is EVERYWHERE in this movie. And it doesn't feel over the top by any means, he just sneaks it into clever places a lot of time. OH, and Shimizu is PERFECT in it. She's has the right amount of charm, depth, and light-heartness to help pull us through the movie.
The Koji Yakusho has latched on!

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