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Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Flight of the Phoenix - 1965 - Dir. Aldrich

You know, I don't know if this is a common occurrence, but Jimmy Stewart plays a total douche in this movie. I mean, he didn't make a habit out of playing douches, right? He's such a jerk! I mean, he's still very Jimmy Stewart-ish but he's also kind of a stubborn dick. It's neat. He's good at it. There's sort of neat aspects about the movie though. It's got a cool cast and the opening credits kind of sets it up in a real neat way. It actually might be one of my more favorite opening sequences. I think the movie has a lot of slow bits, though. It really didn't hold my attention for very long until they started to build the other plane... then I was grabbed a bit more. It was sort of hit and miss with my attention span throughout, which is kinda BAU with a lot of blockbusters around this time. Richard Attenborough is pretty fucking awesome in it. The scene where he has a mental breakdown is great! And that German fella was a blast to watch. The rest of the cast seems somewhat underused. George Kennedy has barely any lines! I feel like its a little less of an Aldrich type movie than I used to. It's kind of like an Aldrich-type blockbuster, I suppose.
Ernest Borgnine is having a great time! Or he's dead!

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