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Friday, April 16, 2010

Tyson - 2009 - Dir. Toback

You know, I kinda think boxing is pretty neat. And Mike Tyson is certainly an interesting enough figure. And this was on Watch Instantly. So those three facts combined resulted in my watching of Tyson. It's okay. It's basically Mike Tyson talking with clips and pitchas and whatnot. It sheds some light and gives us some details. I don't know if it's really enlightening. It's neat to listen to Tyson talk about things. He seems genuine enough. I don't think it really caught me by surprise, although, I think if you see him as just a violent brute, it might catch you off guard. I think anyone who assumed he was a person with feelings would probably just be interested enough to watch Tyson talk about those feelings, but I don't think he does too much mind blowing. The most interesting parts when he's talking about his manager and his approach to boxing. It's definitely cool to watch his fights. It's an engaging enough 90 minutes. It has some somewhat obnoxious editing at the beginning of the film, but there's less and less of it as the movie goes on. In fact, the movie makes a really dumb first impression considering the editing and some goofy shots of Tyson standing on a beach. You can tell he has feelings, because he's standing on a beach.
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