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Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Box - 2009 - Dir. Kelly

Well, it's not as bad as Southland Tales. That's a thing. I dunno, though. I feel like Kelly has a taste for the overly complex. I feel like there's a whole act in the film that doesn't need to be. I suppose, it's the explanation. Which is funny. You would think the explanation would be an important part of the movie. It just ends up feeling kind of inconsequential considering how it ends. It ends with the two of them. Making life and death decisions. Sure, they kind of traveled a way to get there, but it seems fairly pointless. There doesn't really feel like anything in the explanation leads up to their final decision. It held my attention the whole way, even at times, if it felt a little silly. Cameron Diaz actually is actually pretty good as the movie goes on. She's pretty wonky at the beginning but as the movie gets worse, she gets better. Mardsen doesn't really do anything different from what he normally does. You know, he's Cyclops. James Rebhorn is in it. And you know, James Rebhorn is awesome. He's that white guy. Balding. Grey hair. Tall. THAT GUY. And if you google his name for long enough, eventually you just see a bunch of tits. Sigh... movies with twists...
Ehhh... I don't know what's in the box, honey. Ehhhhhh...

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